Hi there, I'm Seeun.

I am a writer and coach at WhelmSpace (www.whelmspace.com).

WhelmSpace is your space where you are neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Just whelm.

In this space, you can focus your energy on finding yourself, meeting yourself, and getting closer to your true self, so you can navigate your life fully knowing who you are, your superpowers (your true gifts), so that you can walk your own path and reach your unique purpose.

In our weekly newsletter, Wednesday Whelm, we talk about

  • Self-study, self-awareness, self-mastery, and tapping into your own superpowers.

  • Building a life that fully resonates with who you are at your core - including leaving your job, city, relationship, or whatever that does not serve you, and successfully making changes that are uplifting and authentic to you.

  • Everything about being a TCI (Third Culture Individuals) - an expat, an immigrant, a digital nomad - anything that pertains to living in a culture that is not of your country of nationality nor that of the currently residing place.

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Seeun C

Hi! I write, coach, dance, and travel the world. I write about : self-awareness, successfully making career, relationship, location changes, and everything about TCI (Third Culture Individuals). Learn more at www.WhelmSpace.com.